San Sebastián Gastronómika

On 9th October we were attending the fair "San Sebastián Gastronomika", thanks to the Diputación de Soria, with some other companies from Soria, like Malvasía or Marca de Garantía del Torrezno. We enjoyed a great day, presenting our products and our fresh black truffle to a great number of proffesionals, who came to our stand attracted by the smell and flavour of our truffle delicacies. We also introduced our new products, the sweet truffle spreads, with an outstanding acceptance!

Espora's fresh truffle also was present with the one star michelin chef Óscar García -Baluarte restaurant in Soria- who made one of the dishes of the Reception lunch for great artists of cooking like Arzak, Berasategui, Subijana, etc.

The anniversary celebration of Numantia 2017 was present in the fair with the members of the cultural association Tierraquemada, dressed as Numantians. Also, the Chef from Soria Melania Cascante, from the restaurant Los Villares, made a cooking show discovering to the people the celtiberian food. She included our Black Truffle Pearls in one of her delicious dishes, giving an innovative touch to a traditional recipe.

In adittion, our great brand ambassador and truffle expert, Andrea Tumbarello - Don GIovanni Restaurant, in Madrid- was in our stand showing the attendants how to work with truffle to take the best of its properties, and offering to taste a Tapa made with our Black Truffle Pearls, our truffle butter and our White Truffle from the Piedmont, Tuber magnatum.

This has been a wonderful experience we are longing to repeat next year!

11 de octubre de 2017
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