Salmon Tartar with Black Truffle Balsamic Cream



200g salmon 
1 avocado
Extra virgin olive oil
Black Truffle Balsamic Cream 
The juice of half lemon
Black Truffle Pearls




Take off the skin of the salmon and dice it in small pieces. Put into a bowl with the juice of half lemon, a dash of olive oil and salt. Let it rest for 30 minutes.

Peel the avocado and dice it also in small pieces. Dress it in another bowl. Place the avocado in a cooking ring, and drizzle with a few drops of the Black Truffle Balsamic Cream. Then carefully, place the salmon on the avocado, and drizzle some more Black Truffle Balsamic Cream. Garnish the plate with some more Cream and a teaspoon of Black Truffle Pearls.

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