How to preserve fresh truffle?

Truffles are one of the most precious products in gastronomy, for its intense and particular flavour. This is why it is called the black diamond of cooking. Once it is collected, this mushroom starts to loose scent, flavour and texture, so it is recommended to consume it fresh as soon as posible. This is the way to enjoy at its best its organoleptic qualities.

Here are some recomendations:

  • Keep always in the fridge
  • Wrap the truffle in a wet napkin
  • Slice or grate as a condiment, once the dish is ready
  • Consume in 3-4 days

It is important to know how the truffle is sent and cared once it is extracted from the ground.

Espora Gourmet has all the cares the truffle needs.

  • We clean and select the truffles one by one
  • We check out its quality
  • The customer knows it's traceability, place of origin, weight, scientific name, etc. (the ID of the truffle)
  • We pack them under a modified atmosphere, extending the life of the truffle.

This preservation system, reached after years of research, allows us to INCREASE the life of the truffle more than 10 days, without loosing any of its precious qualities.

Once the modified atmosphere bag is opened, we recommend to keep the truffle in the fridge wrapped in a wet napkin, just as if it was just received.

To preserve the truffle for a long time, the best way is freeze it (even though you will loose some flavour) in plastic wrap and in a freezing bag. It is important to make sure that the truffle doesn't breathe, because it would loose flavour. When you are ready to use it, do not freeze, just grate or slice it frozen.

In short, it would be ideal to consume the truffle fresh, to take advantage of all its exclusive properties.

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