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" Espora Gourmet was present in the Salon de Gourmets with their Black Truffle Pearls. It was remarkable the work, the researching process, and the wide experience in the development of this kind of product, characterized for its flavour, delicate and elegant. Its sphererical ...
12 de junio de 2017


Once again, we have been present in the international Salón de Gourmets, a meeting point for the manufacturers of delicatessen products, distributors and restaurants. It is a quality referent for the European gastronomy world. We had the chance to exhibit in the stand of the Provincial Council of Soria our wide range of products. The scent of the truffle, the black diamond of cook...
28 de abril de 2017

We attended the fundraising Gala organised by Antonio Banderas

Last Friday we were in Malaga, attending the dinner organised by the Lágrimas y Favores foundation, headed by Antonio Banderas. We could enjoy there the fresh truffle from Soria, and the delicatessen products provided by Espora Gourmet. There we met the best chefs, like Andrea Tumbarello (Don Giovanni), Paco Roncero (Casino de Madrid and some Gastro-Bars), Luis Salinero (El Txoco), Jacob...
10 de abril de 2017

Tuber magnatum Picco

Generally known as White truffle, in Italian Tartufo Bianco d’Alba or Piedmont Truffle.   This truffle specie grows mainly in the Italian regions of Langhe and Montferrat or the Piedmont, near the cites of Alba (Piedmont) and Asti. It also grows in...
10 de marzo de 2017

Tuber melanosporum vitt

Generally known as Black Truffle or Perigord Truffle.   It is a hypogeum mushroom, the black diamond for cooking. It has spherical shape, with a warty, irregular appearance, with creases and random deformations. The size is very variable...
9 de marzo de 2017

Tuber aestivum vitt

  Generally known as black summer truffle. Its shape is spherical, bumpy, crumpled and has a warty look and texture. Its size is very variable, ranging from 3 cm to 13 cm, even though they have found bigger specimens. This tuber is born in the hypogeum, buried in the ground. Its colour is dark-brown or blackish, and is covered with pyr...
9 de marzo de 2017

Truffle Fair of Abejar 2017

The Truffle Fair of Abejar (soria) has become an event of reference not only in Spain, but in other countries that want to know everything about this precious tuber. This year the Fair had a record participation, of truffle gatherers and food businesses. Espora Gourmet was present in this important Fair. We also partici...
20 de febrero de 2017

Cata en Darlalata Zaragoza

 Ayer estuvimos en Zaragoza ofreciendo una cata en Darlalata. Ana, su dueña decía lo siguiente sobre nosotros: "Cuando se habla de Trufa casi de lo primero que nos suele venir a la mente es aroma, sabor, calidad… de todo esto Espora Gourmet sabe mucho, por eso les hemos elegido, porque en Darlalata nos gusta ofrecerte la mejor calidad"
17 de febrero de 2017

Espora y Don Giovanni en Aquí en la Tierra de tve1

Restaurante Don Giovanni de Madrid, referente nacional en el  de la trufa, en el programa aquí nuestra tierra de rtve1, con la trufa de esporagourmet como protagonista!! A la vista está en su chaqueta de Chef.. Atent@ al minuto 22.30 gracias Andrea!

7 de febrero de 2017

New Product!

We are working on a new product... What it would be?
Discover it very soon in our blog!
7 de junio de 2017

Interview in RNE5 Degustar España (Tasting Spain)

19 de noviembre de 2016

Black Truffle Pearls and the special Gourmet issue "Fuera de Serie"

On december 2015, our Black Truffle Pearls were highlighted on the magazine "Fuera de serie", by the newspaper "Expansión".
1 de enero de 2016