TUBER UNCINATUM (Autumn truffle)

Product description

It is also called autumn truffle. It is very similar to the summer truffle, but its inner side is darker and tastier .When fresh, it gives off a mild and pleasant smell.

Truffles come under a modified atmosphere. We are pioneers in this preservation method for fresh truffles and mushrooms, that allows to maintain the properties of the truffle for days without losing flavour, weight or texture.

This process is carried out following a rigorous control on cleaning, packaging and delivery in isothermal boxes. In this way, we can guarantee the maximum quality and freshness to our customer. In addition, the traceability of the product is written in the package, letting you know its history, and its sanitary guarantee. This is a great innovation for this precious mushroom.

*Truffles are seasonal. Tuber uncinatum is available from septiember to January.

*If you are interested in this product, please CONTACT us.

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