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It is the reference meeting point of delicatessen products in Spain, and a quality reference for the world gastronomy. During these days there were product presentations, contests, cooking shows... amongst other activities. 
The stand of the Diputación de Soria was full of visitors who came attracted by the smell of our truffle. Clients and authorities were very interested in our products, like J. Vicente Herrera, Fernando Romay and notable chefs.
We attended the lecture that our friend and client Andrea Tumbarello, who spoke about his opinion on truffle and the products that are on the market, using our wonderful Black Truffle Pearls and fresh Summer Truffle.
We have met new international dealers with a very positive perspective, fullfiling our aim of bringing the truffle and our products to the best kitchens of all over the world.
We keep on working to offer the best of truffle!

Espora Gourmet Team.
14 de mayo de 2018


Last week we attended the International Food, Drinks and Food Service Exhibition in Barcelona. We shared our stand with Inma, from Quesería Tierras Altas. This fair is a world reference in the food sector, gathering exhibitors from all over the world, and with different activities, showcookings... We also were at the Speakers Corner of RNE4 Cataluña, talking about fresh truffle, its preservation and the innovation of our method.
All the team at Espora Gourmet will get down to work to organize all the future commercial relationships that started in this important exhibition.
We would like to thank to all the visits we received! We will see you next year at Sial Paris.

26 de abril de 2018


Tourism, Travelling and Gastronomy
An article about the black truffle, our beloved mushroom, and the delicacies of Espora Gourmet.
26 de abril de 2018


This weekend we assisted to the Black Truffle fair in Abejar, where many people could enjoy of different gastronomic activities about the black truffle.
This year's new features are the growing number of exhibitors, and the presence of foreing companies, strenghening the position of this fair.
On saturday took place the "Soria Truffle National Culinary Contest", which was won by Ezequiel Álvarez, chef from "L'italiano Di María", in Luanco (Asturias). He made a beautiful dish with fresh Tuber Melanosporum and our Black Truffle Pearls. Amongst the jury, must be highlighted the presence of Adolfo Muñoz or Andrea Tumbarello.

19 de febrero de 2018


MÍA magazine has published in their section "Gastro Shopping" an outline of our Acacia Honey with Summer Truffle, describing it as an unexpected and sophisticated symbiosis.
8 de febrero de 2018


As every year, we attended Madrid Fusión with the Diputación de Soria with different food businesses from Soria. This event gathers a great number of cooking professionals, and ends with the auction of a black truffle from Soria.
Like in previous editions, Andrea Tumbarello was the highest bidder in the black truffle auction, and, along with the managers of Attic Films, they acquired two sets of truffles, of 1,540 kg.
Espora Gourmet's stand shined as one of the most visited by the main chefs of  the culinary world.
22 de enero de 2018


Did you miss the tv show "Aquí en la tierra" where Espora Gourmet appears?

Click in this link:

17 de enero de 2018



Espora Gourmet, specialist on delicatessen mycology, has created a wide range of products with black truffle, like this pearls that are known as "forest caviar".
21 de diciembre de 2017


Winter issue 2017/2018
A wonderful article about our new chocolate and milk spreads, "products made with selected truffles that deliver a unique experience to our senses, and add a delicious five stars touch to any recipe"

Link: http://www.spend-in.com/revista/87.html
19 de diciembre de 2017


"(...) Espora Gourmet, specialist on Black Truffle, keeps on going on their project of popularizing this condiment.That's why their Black Truffle Pearls are known as Forest Caviar."
18 de diciembre de 2017


Sendasenior Dec. 2017/Jan. 2018

Nutrition: On the section "Gastro-ideas" you will find a reference to the Acacia Honey with Summer truffle of Espora Gourmet.
Nutrición: En la sección de "Gastroideas" podreis encontrar la referencia a la Miel de Acacia y Trufa de Espora Gourmet.
4 de diciembre de 2017


Last Thursday we were in Valladolid, attending the V annual “La Posada El Mundo” Awards. More than 700 guests, the president of Castilla y León, Juan Vicente Herrera, and the Agriculture Minister, Isabel García Tejerina, were there with us, among many other Authorities.
The award recognises the hard work, dedication and skill of the company in the field of mycology, a clear commitment for Castilla y León.  
This is what they say about us:
“Leading this company, that will be talked about a lot, we find two visionaries: Blanca López and Roberto Antón”
It was quite a surprise and a great joy to be recognised with this renowned award!
We would like to thank all those people who support us every day: Customers, suppliers and friends… this is dedicated to all of you!
1 de diciembre de 2017


"And the truffle became Art..:" Today's report on the magazine "La Posada"! So happy with this great achievement on our first year working.
The Award ceremony will be today in Valladolid.

30 de noviembre de 2017

San Sebastián Gastronómika

On 9th October we were attending the fair "San Sebastián Gastronomika", thanks to the Diputación de Soria, with some other companies from Soria, like Malvasía or Marca de Garantía del Torrezno. We enjoyed a great day, presenting our products and our fresh black truffle to a great number of proffesionals, who came to our stand attracted by the smell and flavour of our truffle delicacies. We also introduced our new products, the sweet truffle spreads, with an outstanding acceptance!
Espora's fresh truffle also was present with the one star michelin chef Óscar García -Baluarte restaurant in Soria- who made one of the dishes of the Reception lunch for great artists of cooking like Arzak, Berasategui, Subijana, etc.
The anniversary celebration of Numantia 2017 was present in the fair with the members of the cultural association Tierraquemada, dressed as Numantians. Also, the Chef from Soria Melania Cascante, from the restaurant Los Villares, made a cooking show discovering to the people the celtiberian food. She included our Black Truffle Pearls in one of her delicious dishes, giving an innovative touch to a traditional recipe.
In adittion, our great brand ambassador and truffle expert, Andrea Tumbarello - Don GIovanni Restaurant, in Madrid- was in our stand showing the attendants how to work with truffle to take the best of its properties, and offering to taste a Tapa made with our Black Truffle Pearls, our truffle butter and our White Truffle from the Piedmont, Tuber magnatum.
This has been a wonderful experience we are longing to repeat next year!
11 de octubre de 2017

CHEF recommendation

Sergio Bastard - Cantabria -  La Casona del Judío Restaurant

One of the most awarded young spanish Chefs, he has been acknowledged as the Best Chef from Cantabria at the Arcu Atlánticu festival 2015. He has 2 Soles Repsol (Repsol Guide award) in 2015/2016 and was finalist at the Spanish TV show Top Chef 3

He recommends Espora Gourmet's Black Truffle Pearls.


Special prices for Christmas baskets
Limited edition
Packs and personalized gifts

... And much more!
Contact us and discover the true flavour of " our black diamond"

1 de agosto de 2017


"Espora Gourmet is the company from Soria that is specialised in mycology delicatessen products, and is expert in fresh black truffles. They are the only ones that have made that the fresh black truffle don't loose weight, quality and attributes once picked up. It keeps its natural humidity, flavour, texture and taste.
Blanca López and Roberto Antón, owners of Espora Gourmet, tell us that this is due to the modification of the athmosphere, proccess they have developed after years of research.

Innovation is the key of all the products of Espora Gourmet, like their Black Truffle Pearls, that have conquered the best chefs all around the world. And they are succesful in countries from Europe, America and Asia, even in Italy, where the truffle is one of the star products."

19 de julio de 2017

Tasta la Rambla with black truffle

From 8th to 11th June, we attended "Tast a La Rambla". We were seduced by the best cookers from Barcelona, who were all together for four days full of scents and flavours.

Espora Gourmet was present with Andrea Tumbarello, representing NH HOTEL COLLECTION, and the tapa "Huevo Millesimé". Egg and our products: Tartufata Cream, Truffle Salt, Black Truffle Pearls and slices of Summer Truffle, tuber aestivum.
Such a blast of the flavour of true truffle!
12 de junio de 2017

Espora and gourmet magazine june 2017


" Espora Gourmet was present in the Salon de Gourmets with their Black Truffle Pearls. It was remarkable the work, the researching process, and the wide experience in the development of this kind of product, characterized for its flavour, delicate and elegant. Its sphererical shape invites to see and perceive the truffle in such a different way"

This is how they talk about us in Gourmet Magazine in its june number, page 52.
12 de junio de 2017

New Product!

We are working on a new product... What it would be?

Discover it very soon in our blog!

7 de junio de 2017

They talk about us....

Gourmets 2017: A fair constantly growing

"This prize would be to Espora Gourmet, from Soria, because they know how to care the black truffle from their land, making pearls that contains just the juice of this delicacy. A little bit of butter (from Soria, of course) or over an egg can make our taste buds burst in pleasure. The company has also introduced this product to acacia honey, absolutely delicious, and with IPG, and to its balsamic cream, perfect to give a touch to salads, dressings, meats, cheeses, greens and all the side dishes you can imagine. They also sell fresh truffle under a modified atmosphere that can preserve its properties for longer."
3 de mayo de 2017


Once again, we have been present in the international Salón de Gourmets, a meeting point for the manufacturers of delicatessen products, distributors and restaurants. It is a quality referent for the European gastronomy world.
We had the chance to exhibit in the stand of the Provincial Council of Soria our wide range of products. The scent of the truffle, the black diamond of cooking, hasn’t gone unnoticed and has been highlighted in this important event.
Apart from exhibitors, the event had numerous activities, workshops, show cooking… to get us closer to different views on cooking.
But the work doesn’t stop here. Now our team has to get down to the work, and develop new ideas and surprises without losing our essence.
We want to thank our clients and distributors for visiting there.
See you next year!
28 de abril de 2017

We attended the fundraising Gala organised by Antonio Banderas

Last Friday we were in Malaga, attending the dinner organised by the Lágrimas y Favores foundation, headed by Antonio Banderas. We could enjoy there the fresh truffle from Soria, and the delicatessen products provided by Espora Gourmet. There we met the best chefs, like Andrea Tumbarello (Don Giovanni), Paco Roncero (Casino de Madrid and some Gastro-Bars), Luis Salinero (El Txoco), Jacob Torreblanca (Totel), Pedro Mario Pérez (El Ermitaño)…
It has been a huge pleasure to attend this event, where some of the biggest chefs created an outstanding menu!
10 de abril de 2017

Truffle Fair of Abejar 2017

The Truffle Fair of Abejar (soria) has become an event of reference not only in Spain, but in other countries that want to know everything about this precious tuber. This year the Fair had a record participation, of truffle gatherers and food businesses.
Espora Gourmet was present in this important Fair. We also participated in the biggest black truffle contest, finishing on 3er place with a 222 g truffle. Our products, free from artificial flavouring, and our truffle preservation system, were highlighted in this important event.
The main meal was held at the Rural House, by the chef Juan Carlos Benito, from Espacio Grumer.
20 de febrero de 2017

Taste of black truffles in Darlalata Zaragoza

We were yesterday in Zaragoza giving a tasting session in Darlalata. Ana, the owner, said about us: "When talking about truffle the first things that comes to our minds is flavour, taste, quality... Espora Gourmet really knows about this, that is why we have choosen them, because in Darlalata we love to offer the best quality".
Four Tapas were tasted, combined with wines D.O. Cariñena:

Marinated Cod with tomato and black truffle pearls
Marinated Salmon on cheese and Black Truffle Balsamic cream
Scrambled eggs with fresh truffle
Burrata with Acacia Honey with Summer Truffle.

After the big success we are organizing a second tasting session in May. Thanks for making happen such a good time. We are longing to be back!
17 de febrero de 2017

Espora y Don Giovanni en Aquí en la Tierra de tve1

Restaurante Don Giovanni de Madrid, referente nacional en el  de la trufa, en el programa aquí nuestra tierra de rtve1, con la trufa de esporagourmet como protagonista!! A la vista está en su chaqueta de Chef.. Atent@ al minuto 22.30 gracias Andrea!

7 de febrero de 2017

La trufa negra presente en Madrid Fusión 2017

Un año más asistimos a Madrid Fusión donde se dan cita chefs de renombre internacional y nuevas promesas procedentes de todos los países, además de aficionados a la buena comida. Estuvimos en en el stand de la Diputación de Soria con la trufa como protagonista.
Asisitimos a la ya tradicional subasta de la trufa de la Diputación de Soria, donde han subastado dos lotes de aproximadamente un kilo.
El primer lote ha sido adquirido por nuestro cliente y amigo Andrea Tumbarello (Restaurante Don Giovanni de Madrid), mientras que el segundo ha sido adjudicado por Susi Díaz del restaurante Costa Blanca, La Finca en Elche.
La subasta ha sido presentada por el chef Martín Berasategui.
25 de enero de 2017

Premios La Posada 2016

Empresas sorianas ayer en los premios la Posada a los mejores proyectos de Castilla y León 2016. ¡Enhorabuena a nuestro cliente Oscar, del restaurante Baluarte, por ese merecidísimo premio!
15 de diciembre de 2016

Formamos parte de la revista semana

Nuestro balsamico con trufa negra está siendo un producto estrella!!
Ayer salimos en la receta de la revista semana.

"Cucharillas de queso, membrillo con un toque de trufa"
¿Te animas a probarlo?
24 de noviembre de 2016

Interview in RNE5 Degustar España (Tasting Spain)

We were interviewed by Paloma Zuriaga in her radio programme "Degustar España" (Tasting Spain). From minute 14 (on 11/19/2016), we tell you everything about Espora Gourmet!

19 de noviembre de 2016
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